Workplace Security Consultants

Security Master Planning requires effective policies and procedures relevant to the challenges the organization faces. Our process is a multidisciplinary effort that involves key members of all departments or divisions so that a true "360 degree" plan is developed. This effort ensures an in-depth understanding by all members of the team and more importantly, provides them with a sense of ownership.


Not knowing what threats or risks your organization is up against could have an adverse impact on your earnings. Our vulnerability 

assessments begin with our consultants acquiring a deep understanding of your organizational goals which helps us determine what you need to protect and in what order based on the probability of each threat occurring. An assessment is one of the most essential tools any organization can have because it is a guide to ensuring your assets are property protected.

Vulnerability assessments

How soon can your organization get back on its feet and into the production phase after a security incident or a natural disaster? Business Continuity Plans help organizations minimize, and at times, avoid the halt in production after a serious incident or disaster. Our consultants evaluate your business and formulate a continuity plan that aligns with your priorities and needs.