Workplace Security Consultants

From assessments and emergency planning to policy development and risk analysis, we offer a wide variety of security consulting services to aid our clients in preventing, mitigating, and properly responding to security incidents or risks. Our services enable our clients to focus on running their business with the confidence that a trusted security partner is a phone call away. Our consultants have developed their knowledge and skill level through years of direct experience in managing security programs. Whether you are in need of a security plan or are a security manager seeking additional resources, we are ready to support your mission. We have found that clients select us because our operation is dictated by theirs and because we are able to answer their questions or respond to incidents at a moment's notice.

Our training services represent a cornerstone of Omnipresent Security Group because we fundamentally believe that a knowledgeable organization is an empowered one. While our clients' training programs already equip their employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to contribute to their company's success, these programs often lack emphasis on the organization's security programs. Lacking such an emphasis could lead to a Diffusion of Responsibility experience wherein employees may not know what to look for or how to report it and as a result they will assume someone else will. Our training service is unique in that we take special interest in educating people on how to develop a mindset of awareness. That mindset then becomes the foundation for the learning process that allows participants of our courses to recognize the significance of their role in the organization's security plan. From one-on-one consultations with senior leaders to seminar style program delivery, our training is designed around your needs.

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